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Why should you go solar - SOLAR SERDAR

Why should you go solar

Electricity is the most efficient power source available to us every day and getting electricity from the Sun is only natural.
A simple 3 kW solar system will avoid the release of 3 tons of carbon per year, this is equal to planting an entire acre of trees. No greenhouse gases or pollution. No burning coal or oil or natural gas or propane.
If you have a south facing roof or land that is free from shade from 9 to 3 then you have a desirable solar location. The more direct sun the better, however about 4 hours of direct sun is adequate year round.
Buying a solar system now with heavy incentives will give you electricity for more than 25 years, most panels last longer. Solar panels power all the satellites in outer space and they have been working for more than 50 years. All that free electricity can be yours.More info at http://solarserdar.wordpress.com
During the daylight hours, energy created is used in your home and excess energy is sold back to the power company through current electrical wiring. Net Metering allows you to sell the unused power to the utility company. Older dial meters will actually spin backwards.
Solar is easy to install without any heavy machinery and solar energy requires no moving parts and no maintenance.

Estimate your solar potential by drawing a system on your roof!

Wind speeds

Optimum solar orientation information

A calculator for telling you the position of the sun

Snow loads

Most solar panels are warranted for 25 years and so your investment is safe and will deliver power for years to come that is pollution free. If one panel should fail it can easily be replaced.
The federal and state incentives are the highest they have been in years. Some states cover up to 80 % of the cost of your solar system.
The solar system can increase the value of your home as well. What would you buy, a home that makes its own electricity or one that has a huge electrical bill every month? And solar systems have no sales tax, and do not add to your homes property tax. More info at http://solarserdar.blogspot.com
The US has great solar energy potential, looking at the map below shows just how much more sun the US gets compared to Germany which is the largest solar market in the world. Imagine the power we could generate if we all had solar.
Solar panels are strong, passing hail tests, and are regularly installed in Arctic and Antarctic conditions.
You can add backup power to your home for days when power outages happen by adding a bank of batteries which will be charged by your solar system.
Solar panels will reduce wear and tear on your current roof, keeping it shaded and preventing natural wear down. Your home will be cooler in the summer due to the natural shading of the solar panels. Most panels are installed on a rack with room for air to circulate underneath them. Thin film panels can stick to your roof but generally produce less energy per square feet than regular solar panels. There are other options as well, such as clay tiled panels, panels which are designed like roof tiles and we can advise you as to the cost of all of your options and various styles.
To estimate your solar cost, multiply your average daily electrical demand in kilowatt-hours by 0.25. The result is the approximate size of solar array, in kilowatts, needed to meet your electrical demand. Solar systems cost about $7 per kilowatt installed. There are also permits that need to be obtained and any associations which try to restrict solar power and we can handle both types of situations. A 10 x 10 area fits 6 panels and makes 1200 watts of power with a installed cost of $8000.


Željko Serdar
Head of association

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