Friday, February 20, 2015

EE & RE, Smart Cities, Waste Management, Emergency & Safety Control

Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources
proudly presents
B2B online Networking specially for you!

Visit the event! See all the exhibitors at the plan.
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Are you looking for sustainable solutions and ideas to improve your business, new partners for your start up projects or items for your product range?
• Future-oriented, environmentally friendly and economically-driven products and technologies will be showcased by producers and traders from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc. 46 % of exhibitors are from abroad. 
• For 6th year in a row companies will present the advanced Austrian know-how at the Austrian Pavilion.
• An impressive line-up of speakers from 15 countries will provide an insight into the relevant sectors during the parallel Conferences.
          Silver Sponsor of Smart Cities
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         Venue:   Inter Expo Center     Accommodation     Brochure      
         Visitor Working Hours: 11 and 12 March: 10.00-18.00; 13 March: 10.00-17.00
    ▪ Transparency in waste management 
    ▪ Go Green to Environment 2015 - Business to Business and technology transfer meetings
    in the field of environment, waste management, recycling, energy efficiency and renewable sources.
    ▪ ECOMONDO Presentation - European Hub of Environmental Technologies in Waste
    and Resource  Management Sector.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Offshore drilling

The Croatian public deserves to know the facts when it comes to expanding this dirty and dangerous practice to the Adriatic Coast, and what alternatives there are for clean energy generation. Instead of working to fully understand the implications of rushing to develop offshore oil and gas, our elected officials are being blinded by imaginary short-term profits and missing the real opportunity that wind provides. In just 10 years, offshore wind could generate more energy than could be provided by all of the economically recoverable offshore oil and gas resources. Unlike offshore drilling, offshore wind provides power directly to coastal communities where we need energy the most, without the risk of oil spills or carbon pollution. It’s time for the Croatia to use the lessons learned from more than 20 years of offshore wind development internationally and apply them to generating clean, renewable energy off our coasts. 
Zeljko Serdar, Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES).