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CCRES - End Global Warming: Buy a Carbon Offset


Greatest Planet, one of several carbon offset companies that caters to individuals, said: "Even by taking steps to reduce your CO2 emissions as much as possible the average individual is still responsible for appr. 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. We can offset this for you, in a cost effective and effective way."

Their cost for an individual carbon offset: $399 per year (or just $999 for three years).

If this price seems steep to you, you can shop around. actually includes a carbon calculator on its site, which allows you to find a dollar amount that corresponds to your actual carbon use. For example, the carbon cost of running a medium-sized house is $124 per year; a full-sized car is $54, and so forth.

ClimateCare takes the process one step further: not only can you calculate the carbon costs of daily living, you can also calculate just how much carbon you create when you fly from one airport to another. You can also calculate the cost per mile of running your car, air conditioner and more.

Each of these organizations is very specific about just how your carbon offset works, too. Projects supported by your carbon offset cash may include installation of wind turbines, purchase of cleaner stoves for Third World homemakers, purchase of Amazonian forestland and more.

Is it worth the investment? Only you can make the choice -- but if you're really married to that gas guzzler, it certainly can't hurt to make a donation to an organization that's helping to end climate change.


Željko Serdar
Head of association

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