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Providing power to Japan and the world backed by half a century of experience

J-POWER can look back on a proud history spanning over half a century as an electric power wholesaler with a proven track record of reliable, low-cost power supply. The nationwide network of power transmission trunk lines we have built and operate has made a significant contribution to Japan’s economic development and the improvement of living standards in Japan. In October 2004, we were listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and this completed our transformation to a private sector company in all aspects.

Our performance records as of July 2009 show that we have built and operate 67 power plants with a total output capacity of 16,985 megawatts and a transmission network of about 2,400 kilometers of power lines.

As part of our international commitment, since 1960 we have carried out 300 consulting service projects with 63 countries and regions mainly from the developing world. This has included surveying, design and construction supervision of hydroelectric and thermal power development as well as electric power consulting relating to environment protection measures. Recently, we have become engaged in a wide range of global operations such as IPP (Independent Power Producer) projects.

In recent years, we have experienced an adverse operating environment and dramatic changes in our operating environment, due mainly to slower growth in electric power demand, further deregulation in our industry and global warming. At the same time, this change has created new business opportunities. We will strive to enhance our corporate value by reinforcing our competitiveness in electricity wholesaling and building solid revenues and earnings foundations. We will also establish new operations based on the principle of effective coexistence between energy and the environment.
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This page briefly outlines to potential suppliers the product procurement procedures of Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. (J-POWER/EPDC). J-POWER/EPDC welcomes new prospective suppliers from overseas, as well as in Japan, who will supply products of high quality and a fair price.
J-POWER/EPDC hopes this home page will help establish good relationships between our suppliers and ourselves.

Contact Point
For more information regarding product procurement activities and procurement procedures of J-POWER/EPDC, please feel free to contact the following:

Equipment & Construction Contracting Office
Accounting & Finance Dept
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
Address : 15-1, Ginza 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8165, Japan
Telephone : +81-3-3546-2211 (Switchboard)
Facsimile : +81-3-3544-1819

Procurement After J-POWER Group Restructuring
Under the scheme of J-POWER Group company restructuring, hydro-power & transmission system company, thermal power company, and service company, have been formed and started their operation from April 1, 2004.
Because of this restructuring, the part of the tasks for contracting and procuring equipment & materials, which are necessary for the operation and maintenance of power facilities, became administered by the following J-POWER Group companies.
If there is any request for contacting those companies for business transaction, product introduction, or procurement procedural inquiry, please contact the above contact address, thereby the appropriate person of the following companies will be introduced.

JPHYTEC Co., Ltd. (hydro-power & transmission system company)
JPec Co., Ltd.(thermal power company)
JP Business Service Corporation(service company)
KEC Corporation
Procurement Information on Construction Services
There is no principal construction program.

Public Offering
There is no public offering information

E-Mail to Equipment and International Contracts Group
If you have any inquiries on our procurement procedure or wish to introduce your products to us, please send them by inquiry form.
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J-POWER has an engineering consulting wing, active worldwide since early 1960s. Through its successes in more than 300 projects in 63 countries and regions,J-POWER has gained a worldwide reputation as one of the leading consulting firms in the field of electric power development and related fields.

J-POWER is increasingly joining in investment in IPP corporations, particularly in Asia. The company will expand the discovery of these opportunities in the future, and expand its presence in project management through an increased level of investment. Combined with a more active involvement in maintenance and other areas, these activities are intended to increase J-POWER's profitability.
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