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TRITEC supplies photovoltaic systems and solar power plants
For 23 years, TRITEC has been a photovoltaic system supplier for all components of photovoltaic systems and an international system integrator for solar power plants.
You want to install a roof-integrated PV system or use a certain solar module? Our new TRITEC reference data base allows you to compile your portfolio of model PV systems quickly and clearly.

TRITEC is present throughout Europe. The company's headquarters are in Switzerland, subsidiaries and distribution companies are located in Germany, France and Spain. Other European markets are covered by partner companies.

TRITEC represents clean energy. The cleanest energy comes from the sun: today and in the future. For TRITEC, clean energy and sustainability belong together. We guarantee the highest quality in the long term: with our A Brands, our partners, our employees.

Product Overview Photovoltaic Components
As a specialist wholesaler in the solar technology, we have an extensive range of quality products.

We provide complete photovoltaic systems with all components of a photovoltaic system, which - whether the system is designed for grid connection or as a stand-alone system - must be perfectly coordinated, in order to achieve optimal efficiency.

The most important components of a grid-connected photovoltaic system are solar modules, one or more inverters and an mounting system.

Components of stand-alone systems include

Solar modules
Stand-alone inverters
Charge controllers
As solar component manufacturer we are active in measuring and mounting system technologies. Our own products include PV control and measuring instruments and the brand-new PV on-the-roof mounting system TRI-STAND.

Our brands
Systems producing solar power are exposed to the most severe weather conditions for years and years. If you want to ensure the safe, trouble-free generation of clean power in the long term, you must be able to rely on best quality. For this reason, we exclusively work with manufacturers who guarantee the highest quality.More info at

› Danfoss
› Draka
› Ecolights
› Hoppecke
› Huber+Suhner
› Kaco
› Kyocera
› LeoniStuder
› Morningstar
› MultiContact
› Phoenix Contact
› Rennsteig
› Sanyo
› Schott Solar
› Solar-Log
› SolarMax
› SolarWorld
› Solrif
› Suntech
› SunWare
› Sunways
› Tyco

Photovoltaic power plants
For large PV power plants local installers are unable to handle, we undertake the planning, installation and maintenance: our TRITEC Project Activities in an overview.

Here our highest priority is: We guarantee sustainable quality and secure yields.

Are you a Roof or land owner? Then you can operate your own solar system or rent out your surfaces. Both is wise: Solar power systems are technologically innovative, aesthetically pleasing in terms of architecture and sustainable at the same time. Since solar power is also profitable, photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly attractive as investment objects.

You would like to invest in the future technology Photovoltaics, but you do not have a suitable surface? We handle the complete project development, provide help with financing and take responsibility for the project implementation and the operation of the finished solar system.

Service and Support Overview - Safely supported in all aspects.
We support you in Planning and Designing Your Solar Systems sustainably.

We regularly offer Trainings - for PV beginners and PV professionals. Click here to view our training schedule for the various TRITEC sales outlets.

The TRITEC Photovoltaic Insurance protects against losses caused by incalculable damages to the installed photovoltaic system. Even in case of personal negligence.
More info at

Giorgio Hefti contributes to one of the first solar power installations in Switzerland

Idea and concept of the project «Megawatt»; 333 solar power installations shall be built with 3 kW power each using Kyocera solar modules

1989 to 1990
Implementation of the project «Megawatt»

Giorgio Hefti forms the engineering firm IBG Hefti in Allschwil/Basel

1991 to 1992
Realisation of the first solar power installation in the range of 20 kW for Elektra Birseck Münchenstein using first generation three-phase central inverters from the company Sputnik (SolarMax DC20 and DC30)

Formation of the TRITEC AG based in Allschwil/Basel with a branch office in Berne

Official beginning of business relations with KYOCERA; still successful to this day

First contacts with MASTERVOLT and beginning of a long-standing business relation

Realisation of the first fully roof-integrated solar power system with customised laminates and at the same time the first order from the company GSS in Gera/Thüringen

Exclusive distribution of the world's first transformer-free inverter (SolarMax S from the company Sputnik)

Equipping of 40 alpine weather stations of the Swiss Meteorological Institute (SMA) with a stand-alone photovoltaic energy system

Launch of the first solar-compendium

1995 to 1996
Realisation of numerous private grid-connected systems and extending of the stand-alone market

Launch of the worldwide first GRID-Panels (Solar module with integrated inverter)

Production of the worldwide first terminal boxes with integrated short-to-ground detection

Production of the worldwide first terminal boxes with integrated string-current monitoring

Installation of the first solar power system in Basel in terms of the Solarstrombörse of the Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB)

Formation of the German subsidiary TRITEC Energie GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau (Baden-Württemberg) for the distribution and the customer service in Germany

Integration of the measuring technology company TRICON (SIC 100) into the TRITEC Energie GmbH

Formation of the French subsidiary TRITEC France Sarl for the distribution in France, the Dom-Tom-markets and in Africa.

Acceptance of bid for the construction of the world's largest solar power installation on top of the roof of a football stadium (Stade de Suisse in Berne)

Move of the headquarter to the former corporate building of CANON

Realisation of the 855 kW solar power installation Stade de Suisse as the prime contractor

Opening of a TRITEC branch office in Aarberg for engineering, planning, installation and maintenance of solar power systems

Formation of the Spanish subsidiary TRITEC Spain in Barcelona for the distribution and customer service in Spain

Acquisition of the majority-interest of the logistics company TriEnergy GmbH in Weissach, Germany

Partnership with Soliclima for the installation and maintenance of solar systems in Spain

Creation of the holding company TRITEC Holding AG

Foundation of TRITEC International AG

Foundation of the distribution companies TRITEC Italy, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Greece, Scandinavia, Low Countries, Poland and Bulgaria

Extension of the solar installation Stade de Suisse to 1.35 MW

500 specialist installation partners worldwide

Planned further internationalization: USA

Expansion of the international PV power plant construction

Launch of a fund to finance power plants

Headquarter – Wholesale Trade and System Integration
TRITEC International AG
Herrenweg 60
CH-4123 Allschwil / Basel

P +41 61 699 35 35
F +41 61 699 35 99
Email info(at)

VAT No.: 669 415
ZAZ Account: 4079-8
German USt-IdNr. (International VAT No.): DE254557573

Giorgio Hefti

Andreas Specht
+41 61 699 35 34

Marketing & Communication
Marketing Director
Sibylle Hamann
+41 61 699 35 51

Marketing & Communication
Manuela Cosentino
+41 61 699 35 41

Marketing & Events
Pascale Oesch
+41 61 699 35 31

Product Marketing & Communication
David Herrmann
+41 61 699 35 61

Communication & Events
Power Plants
Magali Lähns
+41 61 699 35 58

Power Plants
International Project Manager
Stephan Kresin
+41 61 699 35 57

Assistant International Project Manager
Marcel Pinyana
+41 61 699 35 42

Administration & Finances
Finances & Administration
Andrea Sutter
+41 61 699 35 47

Finances & Administration
Susanne Milligan
+41 61 699 35 62

Assistant CEO & Administration
Nicole Grether
+41 61 699 35 53

Projects, Planning & Services
Catherine Hills
+41 61 699 35 39

Projects, ERP & Services
Andreas Maier
+41 61 699 35 52

Group Controller
Claudio Carpi
+41 61 699 35 49

Steve Brodbeck
+41 61 699 35 56

Sales & Marketing
Shane Chu
+41 61 699 35 44

Ivan Rudin
+41 61 699 35 59

Development & Services
Development & Services
Dirk Dörflinger
+41 61 699 35 43

Hermann Keller
+41 61 699 35 35

Student Duale Hochschule
Maxim Kraus


Željko Serdar
Head of business association

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