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Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)



ecoliGhts, a young, innovative company situated in the Styrian Aichfeld, designs, plans and manufactures custom-made solar lighting systems for all requirements.

In a business environment, affected by industry and technology, the flexible team of ecoliGhts finds an optimal base to combine broad know-how with innovative methods.

EcoliGhts‘ solutions range from individually adopted solar lamps to improve the road safety, to complete

lighting solutions for roads,
bicycle lanes,
water fronts,
sports-, camping- and playing grounds,
residential areas in the public sector and
accesses of private houses and gardens.

The secure and effective lighting of
company nameplates,
bus stops,
monuments and bridges

with solar light bars and Power-LED-floodlights complete the range of services.

If required ecolights provides also planning and installation of conventional solar energy solutions for private, municipal and commercial purposes.

The use of the most exhaustless, eco-friendly and cost-effective energy source enables ecolights lighting systems an almost bound-less field of application.More info at

Shortage of raw materials, increasing energy costs, ecological requirements, cost consciousness, increased security requirements – future prospects, which pose a thread for some, are a challenge for others.

ecolights addresses itself to the prospects around the subject energy and regard them as a chance. ecolights’ contribution to security, sustainability, energy efficiency and optimised costs are technologically innovative and well designed lighting systems for streets, ways, buildings and objects for the private, public or commercial sector.

Due to technical advances in the semiconductor industry, solar lighting systems became a reliable alternative to conventional lighting methods.

The Functioning of Solar Lighting Systems

Solar lamps work completely self-sufficiently and do not need a connection to the electricity network.

During the day a solar generator produces electric power, which is simultaneously accumulated in special storage batteries. As soon as it is getting dark, the energy, required for the lighting, is re-taken from the accumulator. A sophisticated energy management monitors the charging and discharging of the system and controls the lighting.

All ecolights solar road lamps are equipped with an intelligent control system which makes a breakdown of the system, even at poor lighting conditions, impossible.

Road lamp “SPL 150” has a daily application capacity of eight hours, the most powerful model “SPL 240” up to eleven hours.

Solar lamp “Kion” has been specially constructed by ecolights to lighten footpaths, bicycle lanes as well as playing and camping grounds and sports fields.

Embedded LED-reflectors need only little energy and are of long durability – beyond that the lamp persuades through an elegant, timeless design. The application areas of the solar lamp “Poller” are driveways, gardens, parks and pools – the lamp convinces especially through its ease of assembly. Power-LED-head-lamps and solar light-bars complete the product range of ecolights.

Both, the solar head-lamps and the solar light-bars generate an enormous illumination, that is why they are perfect for secure and effective lighting of buildings, markers, information boards and other objects.

Quality, Robustness, Design
Solar lamps of ecolights demonstrate that robustness and a long durability on the one hand and elegant design on the other hand not need to be mutually exclusive. Therefore the focus of our in-house planning and manu-facturing lies not only on detailed functional concepts but also on aesthetic designs. According to light specific requirements individual products are being produced, combining perfectly form and function.

Manufacturing materials
are stainless steel, brass, acrylic glass or aluminium. ecolights’ high processing standards guarantee its costumers complete satisfaction and pleasure in the products for a long time.More info at

ECOSTAR – linking sustainability with design
Ecolights has developed an environmentally friendly illuminative option in the ECOSTAR solar lamp, which is able to satisfy the maximum requirements in terms of safety, sustainability, quality and design. A good design is timeless and blends into every environment. This is why ECOSTAR is suited to residential complexes, public places, building entrances, footpaths and cycle paths, bridges, parks, gardens, playgrounds and campsites, riverside promenades, bus stops and leisure and fitness centres.

The lights’ narrow, refined stainless steel design also combines particu-larly well with modern architecture.

Both sun and ECOSTAR are always shining
ECOSTAR is designed for permanent operation; it functions completely autonomously and does not require a mains connection.

The illumination time is programmed individually depending on sunlight hours and climatic conditions. The solar module can be adjusted by 360 ° – this allows for an optimum adjustment to the environment in question.
Special LED power floodlights with low power consumption are used for illumination purposes, which have a lifespan of 80,000 operating hours.
ECOSTAR comes equipped with two floodlights as standard; three emitters can also be fitted as required and depending on hours of sunlight. The storage battery is located in a ground container in order to protect it from high temperatures and increase its lifespan.

ECOSTAR uses the most environmentally friendly source of power during operation, high-class optical design, high-quality materials for a guarantee of quality and special mounting technology for crane-free assembly. These characteristics mean that the ECOSTAR is suitable for a varied range of applications.More info at

Light where you need it
Solar lights KION2 and KION3 from ecoliGhts are used where illumination is combined with an immediate need – residential complexes, footpaths, bridges, parks and gardens, playgrounds and campsites, riverside promenades, toboggan runs, leisure and fitness centres, for example.

The cold light source emitters automatically switch on in response to the motion detectors, which react to people from a distance of 20–25 metres. Each light can illuminate a stretch of path of between 30 and 35 metres.

LED – Light up your future with this forward-looking illumination
For purposes of illumination, ecolights uses special LED emitters with low power consumption for KION2 and KION3.
With approx. 80,000 operating hours, these have an exceptionally high lifespan. Moreover, the degree of efficiency improves when the outside temperature sinks. Two cold light source emitters are placed in a staggered position (180 °) at the head of the lamp as standard; the direction of emission can subsequently be fine-tuned as required by means of globe joint attachments.
Three emitters can be fitted as desired, depending on the solar radiation levels. All the technical fittings (including the storage batteries) are housed in the head of the KION lights – this design enables fast, easy assembly.

„Austrian solution“
In order to guarantee reliable operations on footpaths and cycle paths, even in alpine, snowy regions with periods of bad weather, ecoliGhts developed the so-called Austrian solution in the form of their KION3 model. A second panel, on which the solar module is located, is attached at a 50 ° angle.
This improves the degree of efficiency and guarantees correct operations, even in the case of larger amounts of snow.

Long-lasting source of power
This most sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical source of power enables solar lights KION2 and KION3 from ecolights to be used in a broad range of contexts.More info at

Safer office and system operations
Ecolights has succeeded in filling a safety loophole in the form of back-up systems to maintain the electric power supply.
The innovative technology from ecolights can be used in all contexts where occasional power failures represent a risk; in commercial, private or communal settings. Examples include the supply of traffic control systems, signal and radio plants, offices, technical devices in smaller and mid-sized companies, medical wards and waterworks in rural regions, etc.

Uncomplicated and eco friendly
Back-up solutions function in a way that is as easy as it is convincing. In the event of a power failure, the system automatically powers itself from the storage battery.

This transition takes place perfectly smoothly, so that no operation failure takes place. The supply also changes automatically and without causing any disruption when network operations are resumed. Additionally, the storage batteries are re-charged.
The battery system is distinguished by a high level of power accumulation, a long lifespan and being maintenance-free and completely recyclable.
It is possible to cover up to 50% of the daily requirement using back-up systems which fall back on network electricity for re-charging purposes, this dependent on demand and power consumption.

Power supply without a network
In areas without a network power connection, solar modules and generators are used in energy generation.

The assembly of modules and storage battery housings is carried out using the greatest possible anti-theft and anti-damage security measures.
Solaroperated power generation systems from ecoliGhts can substitute up to 100 % of the power supply, depending on available solar radiation levels and the system’s design.
More info at

Your contact person at ECOLIGHTS :

Georg Dietmaier
Hopfgarten 18
A-8741 Weißkirchen

Tel.: +43(0)3577 - 82 330
Fax: +43(0)3577 - 82 330 44

Contact in Croatia :
OTIZ Grupa d.o.o.

Wolfgang Trois
Radnička cesta 47

Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)
Željko Serdar
Head of business association

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