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Wise Power Systems by CCRES



Wise Power Systems


Wise Power Systems, Inc is a full service supplier of consumer and commercial sized wind, solar, micro hydro power installations, and solar hot water. We are located in Wilmington, Delaware, Alexandria Virginia, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and serve Residential customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Commercial customers through out the USA and overseas. The systems that we have installed have been in the USA and Africa.

Contact us for details about wholesale system packages. We are currently looking for Dealers in the USA and overseas.
Our Mission
Our objective is to promote the economic and environmental benefits of wind and solar power, while encouraging home and business owners to invest in their own renewable energy systems. We are committed to providing our clients with quality systems customized to meet their energy needs and fit their budgets.
We use only the highest quality, industry leading products. Our systems are designed for you by knowledgeable consultants who will listen to your input, and they are installed by reputable, certified technicians. We have financing options available for both residential and commercial clients who qualify.

More Information
For more information please call us at 877.280.9473

Solar Systems

Wind Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Micro Hydro Systems

Of all the small renewable energy systems around, a small hydro system – where it’s feasible – may be the most cost-effective and reliable. If you have running water on or near your property, you may want to consider investing in a micro-energy system.
A micro-hydro system can mean energy around the clock and year-round, if you have a steady stream of water. All that is required is a fall of several feet high, and a micro-hydro system, consisting of:
a turbine generator system
integration with regular power systems (where possible)
As with other renewable energy systems, micro-hydro systems can be free-standing, hybrid or grid-integrated.
A micro-hydro system very simply takes the energy available from a falling stream of water and converts it into usable electricity.

Off Grid Systems

Wise Power Systems designs and install off grid systems in the USA and overseas. We have Logistical people on staff to handle the shipping and install off grid systems all over the world. As you can see from the video we design a whole system from the lighting, refrigeration, TV, DC AC and Heating, lantern charging stations, and water purifcation and well pumps. We use only high quality products to last years and will not use products that are not designed to last a few years. We are would rather over design the off grid system then under design it because of the problems that it can cause. We also design and install what we call the village concept were we connect houses and community center together with wind, solar and micro hydro that your off grid system can be a whole village.


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.
Wise Power Systems, Inc.
500 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington DE 19809
1-877-280-WISE (9473)
Wise Power System Locations
Wilmington, DE
Alexandria, VA
Oklahoma City, OK
Boca Raton, FL
Cedar City, UT
Des Moines, IA
Will travel anywhere in the world & have gone as far as West Africa!
More info at http://solarserdar.blogspot.com


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