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Solar FlexRack by CCRES


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SOLAR FlexRack


Use ordinary mounting hardware, and a single array of solar panels can take almost 45 minutes to assemble and install in the field. Use the Solar FlexRack, and your array can be set up and ready for sliding in of framed panels in under THREE minutes! And the flow of installation continues uninterrupted: as workers are finishing bolting down one Solar FlexRack, the next one is already being positioned in place.

Do the math: during a full workday, a crew that installs 10 sets of ordinary mounting hardware should be able to install as many as ONE HUNDRED FIFTY Solar FlexRacks! What will that do for your project’s cost per watt?

Key features:

pre-assembled for easy installation
lightweight for easy handling
passes both snow and wind load criteria
adapts to a variety of ground posts
multiple configurations available:
Framed Solar Panels2 x 4, 2 x 6, 2 x 10, 2 x 12
Thin-Film Solar Panels: 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 5, 5 x 6, 5 x 10
custom configurations upon request
ships economically on a flatbed truck


Solar panel arrays on a rooftop? You want two things: to place the maximum number of arrays in the space available, and to install them as quickly as possible.

The Solar FlexRack has you covered. You’ll save time, because no other mounting hardware is so adaptable; no other mounting hardware installs so easily and quickly. Solar FlexRacks can be joined together in any configuration, and they allow for undulations in the roof’s surface so there’s no impediment to the best possible coverage. Easily affix the supplied clips and attach the thin-film panels. Pivot and tilt the unit to either end for easy access beneath, so you can install wiring, service the panels or the rack, or perform rooftop maintenance.

Calculate your project’s cost per watt, and the Solar FlexRack
comes out a winner.

Key features:

pre-assembled for easy installation
lightweight for easy handling
passes both snow and wind load criteria
can be installed in close proximity for maximum coverage regardless of roof shape or size
units bolt together; north-south and east-west connections possible
multiple configurations available: 3 x 3, 3 x 2, 3 x 1
custom configurations upon request
can be used in both ballasted or roof-penetrating applications


Step 1
Vertical support columns are connected to horizontal roof beams, then lifted and attached to concrete pedestal foundation.

Step 2
Solar FlexRacks are lifted to the horizontal beams, then opened and attached with supplied bolts.

Step 3
PV Modules are slipped into place from BELOW and quickly secured with sliding brackets and bolts.


"We needed a racking solution that would go up quickly using a small labor team. It also had to look impressive due to its being on a college campus.

"The Solar FlexRack lived up to its press as being easy and fast to install. Instead of a 30-man team, we used a mechanical team of four. The four were able to install concrete, tilt brackets, the Solar FlexRacks and PV modules in five weeks. We finished well ahead of our deadline.

"We were absolutely amazed at how quickly the Solar FlexRack was able to be installed. In my opinion, it could not have gone up any faster. It was absolutely the fastest PV module rack solution we have ever used."

– W.D. "Bill" Campbell
California Project Manager
Sun Edison
"I wanted to thank you for the exceptional product and service provided by Northern States Metals during our recently completed 1.12MW Solar PV project at The University of Toledo Scott Park Campus. As an experienced design/build contractor, ADG has designed and installed a wide range of different racking/mounting systems on a variety of project sizes over the years. The Solar FlexRack proved itself to be a very cost-effective and easy-to-use racking system, requiring very little time and effort in the field. The racking system simplified our installation and kept our overall project budget and schedule in line. Furthermore, we have proposed and/or are already using the Solar FlexRack on several other projects as well."

– Brian J. Chapman
Director of Business Development
Advanced Distributed Generation
"We have used the Solar FlexRack with great satisfaction. This product is cutting-edge. We have been able to reduce our installation and rack costs by greater than 50 percent. I think this product will definitely help push the solar industry in the right direction and help with project costs to make more projects feasible."

– Jason Slattery
Rudolph Libbe Companies
"We used the Solar FlexRack on our corporate offices in Dayton. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome. This system is exactly as advertised — in less than one day, we installed all 48 racks. The Solar FlexRack is the fastest racking system we have used to date. The fact that it ships to you completely assembled and the modules slide in instead of using clips is brilliant. Because of the labor savings and the great customer service, we will be so much more competitive on future projects. I will definitely use the Solar FlexRack on our next installation."

– Mark Wiley
Kastle Solar and Wind

"The Solar FlexRack has moved the solar industry one step closer to parity with other sources of energy production. From our experience, the advantage of the Solar FlexRack coming already assembled and simply unfolding it — versus the competitors' product, which comes in pieces and has to be assembled, Erector Set-like on the site — the savings that result in time and labor costs could amount to as much as 40 percent of a project."

– David Weinberg, CEO
Apogee Solar
Glastonbury, CT
"The Solar FlexRack, supplied by Northern States Metals has proven to be an exceptional product for a variety of enXco solar PV projects. In all cases, NSM met our delivery schedule expectations as well as provided a high quality product that featured an installation time of less than two minutes."

– Matthew Leslie
Procurement Manager
Affiliate of EDF Energies Nouvelles
"We set up two solar farms adjacent to one another in a rural area outside of Ottawa — one 10 megawatt and one 9 megawatt. This is the largest solar panel array in Canada, and the third-largest in North America.

"We installed a total of 13,000 Solar FlexRacks. The nice thing about this unit is that it’s not big, heavy or cumbersome. And since it’s pre-assembled, we were even able to get them installed in the rain, because you don’t have spend time out in the field putting them together.

"Once the racks were transported to the installation posts, our crews averaged about a minute-and-a-half per rack to erect each one. We got a system going, and it all went very smoothly and quickly.

"The guys at Solar FlexRack were great. They listened to all of our requests in terms of delivery, packaging, etc., and gave us just what we needed.

"I don’t see anyone else out there that has a product that is as easy to install as the Solar FlexRack. Anything else is going to be much more labor-intensive."

– Tom Hughes
M. Sullivan & Sons Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario


Solar FlexRacks Are Part of One of the Largest Solar Arrays in Michigan

500kw project will save energy at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — The Solar FlexRack, the most innovative rack mounting system for photovoltaic cells, continues to be a popular choice for solar projects serving both residential and commercial energy needs.
A joint effort funded by Detroit Edison, the Michigan Public Service Commission and Ford helped make a project at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne a reality. Up to 500kw of renewable energy supplied by the solar power generation system will help power the production of the Ford Focus and Focus Electric, as well as next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
A total of 84 2x13 Solar FlexRacks, each holding 26 PV modules, were installed for the project, for which Nova Consultants served as contractor.
As with a solar array project of any size, what makes the Solar FlexRack such an attractive choice is the speed and ease with which it can be installed.
It takes a three-man crew only 5 minutes or less to install each Solar FlexRack. By contrast, Solar FlexRack’s nearest competitor touts an installation time of 45 minutes with a six-man crew. Specifying the Solar FlexRack specified in an RFP can result in project savings of as much as 40 percent for construction.

PV America 2011: PV Projects of Distinction Awards Presented to Carlisle Area (PA) School District Ground Mount Solar Array

Solar FlexRack was rack-mounting hardware of choice for project
The first Photovoltaic Projects of Distinction Awards were presented to three projects in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) at the PV America show.
The awards celebrate major achievements in the US solar energy market that have been accomplished by companies, individuals, and projects. Among the winners was the Carlisle Area (PA) School District Ground Mount Solar Array, for which the Solar FlexRack served as the rack-mounting hardware of choice.
When completed, this project represented the largest solar array ever deployed by a Pennsylvania school district. The project will generate about 1,500,000 kWh per year and reduce CASD's carbon footprint by nearly 2,055,000 pounds. Serving as a centerpiece for community and scholastic education, the design employs multiple tracker and panel technologies with web-based monitoring to provide relative performance and energy savings comparisons.

Solar FlexRacks Are Being Used at the Largest Solar Energy Facility in the Northeastern United States

Construction underway at 18MW site in New Jersey
YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — Construction has begun on the largest solar energy facility in the northeastern United States, and the patent-pending Solar FlexRack has been chosen for the project’s rack-mounting hardware.
RMT, Inc., a leading renewable energy engineering and construction company, selected Solar FlexRack for their 18MW site currently under construction in Pilesgrove, New Jersey. Once completed, this will be the largest solar energy facility in the Northeastern U.S. The Pilesgrove project is a joint venture between Panda Power Fund and Con Edison Development. The 18MW facility will include over 71,000 solar PV panels and will create enough clean energy to power over 5,100 homes.
This unique pre-assembled, unfolding design of the Solar FlexRack makes it easy to install, and also allows it to be erected faster than any other competing product. The Solar FlexRack can be installed by a three-man crew in 5 minutes or less — whereas its nearest competitor estimates an installation time of 45 minutes with a six-man crew for each rack. The result: labor savings of as much as 40 percent.


U.S. and International Inquiries:

Tom Jensen
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 1-888-380-8138

Canada Inquiries:

Sasha Honsl
Director of Canada PV Operations
Phone: 613-366-2008

More info at http://solarserdar.blogspot.



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