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Kingspan Group plc

- Global, Sustainable, Building Product Solutions

Kingspan Group plc is a building products business focused on establishing leading market positions by providing energy conserving and renewable construction systems with a global reach. Kingspan has manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the world and is recognized throughout the construction industry for its commitment to innovation, design, quality and technical expertise.

Across a wide range of sectors within the industry, Kingspan's integrated approach to the energy efficiency of buildings has made it first choice in delivering the specialist needs of architects, specifiers, developers and building owners.

Kingspan Renewables. is a division of the Kingspan Group plc. Together with other Kingspan Group companies, the Solar business has an overall goal to provide solutions towards a zero carbon lifestyle.

Kingspan Renewables

Kingspan Renewables is committed to providing world-leading, efficient and cost effective solutions to satisfy today's environmental concerns. Investment in manufacturing technology, research and design and infrastructure is the key to Kingspan's success. With over 25 years' experience in design, specifications and installation of solar thermal technology the Kingspan Solar range leads the way with premium quality products including our award-winning Thermomax solar vacuum tubes. We can offer professional system design specifications and provide technical assistance for both domestic and commercial applications.

Major Investment In Manufacturing Processes

In May 2010, a £47 million phased expansion of a new facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland was announced. The investment commenced in 2009 and is being supported by an offer of £6.5 million from Invest Northern Ireland. It will also create 163 new advanced manufacturing and engineering jobs and safeguard 152 jobs.

Now operational, the facility is one of the world’s most technologically-advanced solar technology productions sites. Highly sophisticated process combines leading-edge machinery and control systems to produce its Thermomax tubes to an even higher standard than before.

Working With You

All commercial and domestic installations will be different, which is why Kingspan Solar offer a FREE custom design service.

This includes:
Assistance with the design of your project and producing solar simulation.
Recommendation of an accredited dealer for the project through our network of master dealers.

The Complete Solar Package

A Package For Everyone

Kingspan Renewables supplies packages to suit all homes and businesses and provides high performance hot water solutions for all geographical areas. Kingspan Solar packages include everything you need for your installation of the world leading Thermomax evacuated tube or Kingspan Solar flat plate collectors.

Stress Free Installation

We’ve chosen the best quality European manufactured components, which guarantee optimum performance of our premium quality collectors, thereby reducing time spent in system planning. Our plug-and-play collectors and easy-fit roof brackets mean installation is quicker and easier also.

Typical domestic packages come in two different sizes:

People using Hot Water Package
1 - 2 20 Tube Thermomax
3 - 5 30 Tube Thermomax system
1 - 2 2 Flat Panel system
3 - 5 3 Flat Panel system


Thermomax - World leading solar vacuum tube collectors

Solar thermal technology transforms direct and diffuse solar radiation into useful heat using a solar collector. Each Thermomax collector consists of a highly insulated water manifold and a row of tubes. The vacuum inside each tube provides perfect insulation and therefore, protects the system from outside influences, such as cold and windy weather or high humidity. This vacuum insulation also ensures that the energy collected from the sun is very efficiently and effectively transferred into usable heat as there is minimal heat loss.

Thermomax are the original and still the best all-round, highest performing vacuum tube collectors in the world

Thermomax vacuum solar tubes are acknowledged as the most efficient method of generating solar hot water whatever the weather - designed specifically for North American climates. In addition to domestic hot water, the superior performance of a Thermomax vacuum tube collector can also provide central heating support for standard, specialized industrial hot water heating for high temperature applications and solar cooling.


Provides up to 70% of your annual hot water
Vacuum tube technology provides rapid conductivity and transfer of heat, 30% more effective than flat panel collectors.
Thermomax products are designed specifically to work in North American climates, even in cold, wet and humid conditions.
Works from dawn until dusk and throughout the year.
5 year standard warranty, 20 years if installed by a Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer.
Average 25-year lifespan.
SRCC approved
Certified to withstand hail impact test DIN EN12975-2:2006 using ice-balls.


High Performance Solar Thermal Flat Panel Technology

Thermomax flat panel high performance solar collectors are designed for european climates. Robust and hard-wearing, they are ideal for domestic use and tested and guaranteed under the extreme conditions of the BS 12975 hail test. Providing flexibility in installation, these panels can be either 'in-roof' or 'on-roof' depending on your requirements.


Designed specifically for hotter climates
Ideal for domestic use
10 year warranty when installed by a Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer
Undergone stringent thermal shock and tensile tests to guarantee highest quality
Tested to EN12975 for performance and durability
Tested to EN12975 hail test
Solar Keymark approved


Varisol is a revolutionary new product from the makers of Thermomax that is set to redefine solar thermal technology the world over.

World leading technology of Thermomax direct flow tubes and unique new design combines to offer high performance and total flexibility.

The revolutionary new design of the Varisol product offers a modern and flexible alternative to the rigid manifold system. Quick and easy to install, tubes to be simply clicked together to create solar collectors of varying sizes.

Benefits for everyone

Total flexibility and high performance are not the only benefits of this unique new design. The combination of high performance polymer materials and ‘click-fit’ technology creates a product that is easier to order, store and install and is also more environmentally friendly.


Rapid installation.
No heavy manifold
Can size collectors to fit available space e.g. in between windows.

End user

Sized exactly to meet your needs
Only pay for what you need e.g. 24 tube collector - exactly sized.
Expandable as needs change - can grow the system with your family.
Match size of collector to available budget and increase when funds are available.
No gaps in larger systems improving overall appearance.

Less use of energy intensive metals.
No brazing or welding, reducing in energy manufacturing.
Polymer materials are 100% recyclable
Lighter weight and reduced packaging, minimises the impact of transport.

Improved stock control - no manifolds to stock, so no guesswork with regard to number required and no capital tied up in manifolds that may/may not be used.


Total flexibility
Precision sizing - 100%
High performance of Thermomax direct flow technology
High Performance Polymer material
Manifold component and tube pre-assembled
Box sizes of 1, 5 and 10
Suitable for domestic and commercial application
10 year warranty with Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer
Collector size from 1-150 tubes


Kingspan Renewables Ltd.
180 Gilford Road,
Portadown, Co. Armagh
Northern Ireland, BT63 5LE

Phone: + 44(0) 28 3836 4500
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