Sunday, March 27, 2011

SEG EBM Overunity Generator by CCRES


SEG EBM Overunity Generator

This animation shows the device operating with the magnetic fields visible. I am uncertain if this is truly an accurate representation of the size and alignment of the fields but i believe it to be a relatively close estimation.

This is an illustrative render of the "Searl-effect" Generator. If you happen to be a scientist who can instruct me on how to make this demo more accurate any input would be appreciated. Also, any apparent clockwise rotation is an optical illusion caused by the rendering technique. All rotation seen here is counter clockwise.More info at

Upgraded demonstration of the Searl effect. 0 volts to 1.5 volts to 0 volts. 200rpm (double speed).More info at

A demonstration of twelve rollers rotating around the centre ring of the SEG Free Energy Device designed by Professor John Searl.More info at

More info at

More info at

John Searl's Inverse Gravity Vehicle



  1. "When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that

    something is possible, he is almost certainly right.

    When he states that something is impossible,

    he is very probably wrong."

    Arthur C. Clarke (1917 - 2008), Clarke's first law

  2. A Message from Professor John Searl.

    The first DVD will show much of what so many of you have never seen or even been aware of with regard to my interests that cover particular fields. It’s unlikely that you have read all of my books that now number over 70; they do cover all the broad subjects of my interests involved in this technology.

    If you think of me as just the S.E.G. and I.G.V. man, you are wrong, I am more than just that; you will become aware of this as DVD's and CD's are released.

    I have not written any more paper books because they cost a fortune and I never receive a penny back from them, even though I could write far more books without any problems.

    The DVD's and CDs have cost many thousands of £’s in equipment, cameras, recorders, lenses, filters and sound equipment to meet all my needs to make good quality films. Much of this equipment is of Sony and JVC brand and it is all to raise awareness and gain the support needed.

    Hollywood has been here to cover a number of events that I have held and they too are producing a documentary about my life and my work with a full blown movie also planned. They will be arriving again soon to continue with that documentary film that was planned to be released on some time in the future, but there are delays on their part it, I guess it will be released some day. I have previously been in Hollywood also for some film sessions with that same group.

    Let’s keep in mind that when it comes to ignorance and greed, there is no combination more dangerous on this planet then these two mental states, for I have met with thousands of such cases through my life and some of them have seriously delayed getting the SEG on the market.

    I am quite aware of the those uninformed comments made by pathological skeptics and so-called experts over the years, but I hope these DVD's and Hollywood's efforts will exposed them to be in reality just B.S. experts of the old status quo, of out-of-date products, of yesterdays, of the past and not the people of tomorrow that determine our future, which I will present to you with these films.

    With the Searl Technology, there is a bright future waiting to be realized.

    Prof. John Roy Robert Searl