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YodhPower is a global company developing and providing power and energy generation solutions for domestic, small as well as utility-scale installations.

Core business of the organization is the production of photovoltaic modules that we develop with the aim of making solar energy a very easy and cost effective solution for those who want to produce on their own the electricity they consume every day.

Strongly believing in the "smart grid" concept we are involved into the development, on our own and through partnership with worldwide leading companies, of integrated energy solutions.

Nowadays we can offer alternative energy choices in order to meet tomorrow's energy needs with affordable efficient and green solutions.

In our production lines located in the surroundings of Shanghai and in Ningjin we produce different kinds of mono and poly crystalline solar modules that meet the requirements of the main markets in terms of quality and performance. Thanks to our production facilities we can count on about 200MW of production per year and a panels' performance (for our top range products) of over 19% of efficiency.

Based on a vertical worldwide company's infrastructure we can grant to our customer a tailor-made services and solutions offering case studies, project management or ready to run installations with a diffused after sales service network.

Our vision of the economy's evolution find as key rule of companies' development in "partnerships", for this reason we are always ready to evaluate and establish new cooperation and we can provide OEM service.


Core business of the organization is the PRODUCTION OF PHOTOVOLAIC MODULES that we develop with the aim of making solar energy a very easy and cost effective solution.

Our range is made of:


MONO-Crystalline modules
-available from 75Wp to 300Wp-


POLY-Crystalline modules
-available from 75Wp to 300Wp


When required, in cooperation with our distributors or directly with our customers,we can provide FULL PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY SOLUTIONS for:

reside169-103 agric169-103 comm169-103 utility169-103

Thanks to partnerships and cooperation we can nowadays offer to all our customers and distributors:

sun INVERTERS and ACCESSORIES for power plants***

***(YodhPower signed distribution agreements with most of the best-known power plants accessories makers)

Please don’t hesitate and visit our RESOURCES AREA where you can download full catalogues and technical sheets of all our range of products.

You can also visit our WEB LINKS AREA from which you will be able to access directly the websites of most of our partners.


Our vision of the world's economy evolution find as key rule of companies' development in "partnerships", for this reason we are always ready to evaluate and establish new cooperation.

With offices in the 4 main areas of the world, our network of employees, sales representatives and distributors is a wide breadth of talents and skills. At YodhPower, we design, manufacture, and deliver innovative silicon solar modules to our global customers.

Check here where is your nearest YodhPower's OFFICE, DISTRIBUTOR or DEALER.


As we continue to expand our manufacturing capacity and global sales network, Yodh is constantly looking for passionate people who thrive on new challenges and opportunities.

We invite you and your company to become a part of Yodh's network and start growing with us.

If you would like to discuss with us your proposal, please email your contact details to


Yodh Power and Technology SA and Fronius International GmbH kick-off a cooperation aimed to develop and strengthen the sales of Fronius inverters in Ticino area in Switzerland.

YodhPower will make available to Fronius its Area Manager that will take part to specific traning at the inverters producer headquarter in order to support most of the customeors' need with specific knowledge.


In a moment of uncertain market trends the only way to achieve new targets is through ever-groving cooperations. This has been understood by the two partners that decided to walk together sharing targets, difficulties and success.

To support the sales of Frounius inverters, YodhPower is offering a "5x20 OFF Fronius Promotion" that will give 20% extra discount over the current price list to all the customers that ordes more than 5 peices Froiuns invertes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales office mentioning the "5x20 OFF Fronius Promotion"

Try Yodh Proposal
Written by Webmaster
Monday, 06 June 2011 11:05

Yodh Power and Technology Group Co., Ltd. launches the "Try Yodh Proposal" during Intersolar Europe 2011.

Each customer placing his first 100kWp Chrystalline Panels' order will be guest of the company in Hong Kong and will visit one the production facility where the items of his order are in production.

During the visit you will be able to:

  • Spend five days with YodhPower's international staff
  • Vist our Hong Kong offices and the Hong Kong Exchange
  • Visit one of YodhPower Production Facilities (Dongguan or Shanghai)
  • Spend as much time as you want at the production line while your own panels will be in production
  • Follow in person the assembling, lamination, testing and packing of items you purchased
  • TAKE ACTIVE PART to the testing procedure of some or of all your panels, getting directly from the testing line serial numbers and flash reports.
  • Supervise the loading and the sealing of the containers shipped to your company

It is understood that all the expenses of the trip including flight tickets (round-trip), hotel, board and general stay expenses will by incurred by Yodh Power and Technologies Group Co., Ltd. and that the customer will be only required to give YodhPower five days of his/hers precious time.

Get in touch with our slaes staff to receive more information upon such a special chance or visit us at Pavilion C2 Booth No. 602, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Intersolar 2011 - Press Release
Written by Webmaster
Monday, 06 June 2011 11:05

Yodh Power and Technology Group Co., Ltd. takes part to Intersolar 2011 in Munich, Germany.

Here you can download the official press release in English, German a and Chinese!

Visit us at Pavilion C2 Booth No. 602, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Intersolar 2011
Written by Webmaster
Friday, 20 May 2011 11:05

Yodh Power and Technology Group Co., Ltd. will take part to Intersolar 2011 in Munich, Germany. The fair, one of the biggest and most important events of the Solar and Photovoltaic industry, this year is expecting more than 75.000 visitors coming from all over the word.

Being in Munich for the first time will make us and our brand and company visible to many new potential customers coming from all over the world and it is a chance we cannot miss at the moment considering that PV market now seams getting mature and mature selecting players every day.

Our booth will be the apotheosis of essentially: A green grass carpet will welcome everybody and we will serve fresh cold water in transparent glass. In the middle of a stage: one of our panels; all around our multilingual-multinational staff.

We produce solar panels, we speak 6 languages and we are from 4 different continents, this is what we are, this is what we do. The message that the company has intention to pass to the visitors is quite simple and will be completed by an invitation “Try us, try our company, give us a chance to supply you our panels".

Visit us at Pavilion C2 Booth No. 602, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Time To Upgrade! 10 Years Of Warranty
Written by Webmaster
Sunday, 01 May 2011 07:19

Conscious that a continuous improvement is the only way companies have nowadays to survive keep a key position on the market we decided to extend the warranty period for material defects and workmanship to 10 years.

Do not hesitate to log-in into our “Documents” section to download the new Warranty Conditions Prospect or get in touch with our local distributor for further clarification.

Pay attention!!! The new 10 years warranty coverage is valid for all the modules produced from January 2011, Check panels serial numbers!

A remedy to inverters shortage!
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Monday, 16 August 2010 04:09

With the aim to help our customers that are facing an incredible shortage of inverters suitable of grid connected installation we sign an agreement of cooperation with a "neighbour" of ours.

From now on we can supply a full range of INVERTERS (and accessories) for PV Grid Connected installation with 2 or 5 years of warranaty and the following certifications:

  • CE (TUV)
  • DK5940 (officially by ENEL DISTRIBUZIONE SPA - ITALY)
  • ETL
  • AS 4777

The range offered is form 1kW to 500 kW with a shipping lead time of 30 days form the order. Don't hesitate to contact us for any furhter information at

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