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SOLAR SERDAR - A voice for energy efficiency
The Energy Efficiency Coalition (EEC) is an umbrella organization challenged with working with governments, businesses, and other organizations to promote energy efficiency.

Bodies such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the European Union have recognised the vital role of energy efficiency in delivering both climate and energy security, and noted how it supports sustainable economic growth in OECD countries and in emerging economies. The UK Government’s Stern Review and the World Summit for Sustainable Development also gave it prominence.

Technology is not the obstacle – the challenges in promoting energy efficiency are finance, communications, and changing traditional behavior.

Beyond this, the lack of a voice to promote energy efficiency at the international level has been a brake on action. The REEEP Energy Efficiency Coalition (EEC) aims to provide this strong and coherent voice on the international stage.

From political will to action on the ground

By bringing together governmental, civil society and business voices, the EEC aims to bridge the gap between political will and action on the ground. EEC helps to support the work of international organisations such as the IEA on policies and technologies so that businesses and governments can accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency.

Since the energy efficiency market is somewhat fragmented, the scope of the coalition will be expanded step by step:

Energy efficiency in buildings
Industrial energy efficiency
All energy efficiency sectors including generation and transportation
First step for EEC: focus on energy efficiency in buildings

The coalition provides:

Advocacy for international energy efficiency programmes;
Guidance for research initiatives (Global Assessment Report);
Communication of best practices and implementation solutions in international forums;
Mentorship to local and national programmes; and
Communication to promote educational programmes targeting homebuilders, policy makers, academicians, and consumers.
As an example of the sorts of initiatives that EEC aims for, the coaltion has brought together the major energy efficiency stakeholders in Mexico to sign a joint MoU committing the organisations to the development of a joint action plan to implement energy efficiency in buildings at state and municipal level across the country. The signatories include The National Commission for Energy Efficiency (CONUEE), The National Network of State Energy Commission (RENACE), and The Association for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (AEAEE). The model could also be transferred to other countries such as Brazil.


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