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Conergy is one of the world’s largest solar energy companies and offers a broad range of products for on-grid and off-grid applications. We work with a select group of manufacturers and our own team of over 300 product engineers and product support specialists to continuously drive innovative design in each of our major product areas.

Solar-power installations on private homes and businesses, as well as the world's largest solar plants worldwide, are producing clean energy with Conergy components. Conergy offers solutions for both off-grid and grid-connected installations. In homes where the connection to the public electricity grid would be too costly or complicated, a photovoltaic installation can be your first choice because of its quiet and nearly maintenance-free operation.More info at

The modules, electrical components, and mounting systems we offer are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the market and are available exclusively from professional wholesalers specializing in renewable energy.
Solar energy systems reduce up to 100% your electricity costs, depending on system size. Utility prices are only going up every year. Solar energy provides you security from rising electricity rates.

A solar electric system adds value to any home or building and pays for itself for years to come. And, your solar system adds value without increasing your property taxes.
Solar is an environmentally responsible technology. Unlike fossil fuels, it does not emit pollutants which create harm to people and the environment.
The current state and federal incentives for solar can save up to 80% of your system cost. State rebates can drop every six months, so make your reservation now!
It is a proven technology with panels that are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty
Is Solar Right For Me?

Solar is right for most every home, depending on your motivation. Are you interested in solar purely for economic benefit? Are you concerned for our environment or the social responsibility of your business? Are you concerned for our environment or the future health of your family? Are you bothered by the fossil fuel situation and wish to declare your energy independence? All of these are great reasons to go solar! Below are a few limiting factors to getting the most out of your solar electric system:

Do you have a south-facing area of roof or land that can accommodate your solar system?
A south facing roof is going to provide the optimum potential for your system. Depending on your building orientation, other directions can also provide sufficient production; please consult us for these details.
Do you have unobstructed space available for your system?
Each kilowatt (kW) of solar contracted will cover approximately 100-150 sq. ft. of area. This can be a roof, parking structure, ground area, etc. If you do not have ample, unshaded, structurally sound area for solar, then your property may not be well-suited for solar.
Do you have any daytime shading issues on your south-facing space?
Trees, neighbors with larger buildings, vents, or other factor that cause shading throughout the day will cause significant decreases to your power production, therefore not making a suitable building for solar.
Will you need to repair or replace your roof in the next 5 years?
If so, then you may want to wait to add your solar system during that time, or consider re-roofing now to add your system.
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