Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Why Invest in Renewables?
If you're not at the power table, you're on the menu. Welcome to the Power business.

At this moment in history, a unique opportunity, barely recognized as yet, has presented itself to all of us who work for a living in America. We have the chance to take control of our own future as it relates to energy and power, food, and our local economies.

First, let’s look at Energy.

Distributed Renewable Energy is a concept that, until very recently, applied only to a few off-grid hippies, usually in the mountains somewhere. But oh how times have rapidly changed, and now these formerly mysterious technologies can become a very powerful force in shaping the future of our city.

We have a small window of opportunity here.

Our big government and big energy and power companies are planning your energy future right now. Their plan includes solar, wind, and a lot of coal. Their plan includes transmission fees, distribution fees, line loss fees, maintenance fees, infrastructure development fees, special assessments, big salaries, municipal taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, and more subsidies than ever before.

Thus far, our country has run almost exclusively on big, centralized power. We have grown up believing that this is normal and natural. But this is not the case at all.

Right now, before they can tax us into a second job, we can act. When we invest our own money in solar and wind, we can secure a future with far less need for coal and no need at all for all those taxes, fees and subsidies that can be raised every year without notice. We can use geothermal systems for our heating, air conditioning and hot water. We can use the grid (conventional power and electricity) for back up only, and sell back power, at a profit, whenever we have excess. We can also invest in carbon reduction projects, carbon financial instruments, carbon futures, and renewable energy credits.

Right now, big Energy and Power is investing in all these things, including geothermal, solar, and wind. And in the next five years, you are going to buy someone solar panels. If that someone is not you, the solar power you buy from them will be taxed and tarriffed. It will make you madder than anything that’s happened thus far. But the window will be closed, the opportunities gone.

Oh, you’ll pay for solar panels, anyway. But they won’t be yours. Still doubting...

Here are the Facts:

Natural Gas Prices are now at $1.25 per therm, commodity only, and are expected to nearly double in the next twelve months.
Electric Prices are higher than ever since recent deregulation and are forecasted to increase dramatically (25-40%) in the upcoming months.
Also, the greatest tax incentive that nobody talks about -is that there is no tax on your renewable energy system.

Well, you ask -how much money are we really talking about?

First, I will breakdown the cost of conventional electricity for one of our commercial clients:

For the month of May, our client, a large plastics manufacturer, was billed $23,778.31, of which $9095.93 was fees, taxes, and additional assessments. That means that Transmission Charges, Transmission and Distribution Loss Charges, Customer Charges, Franchise Costs, State Taxes, Municipal Taxes, Instrument Funding Charges, Environmental Cost Recovery Adjustments, Standard Metering Charges, Distribution Facilities Charges, and Nonstandard Facilities Charges, account for an additional 61%, on top of our clients actual electricity usage cost.
Next, we will examine natural gas costs for a typical Chicago 4 bedroom, 2 bath home.

For the month of April Natural Gas (Commodity) Costs totaled $177.03, on top of which our residential client paid an additional $65.49 in taxes, fees and assessments, including Monthly Customer Charges, Environmental Cost Recovery Charges, County, Government, Agency Comparative Adjustment fees, Franchise Customer Adjustment fees, Municipal Utility Taxes, Utility Fund Taxes, and State Revenue Taxes, which added an additional 39% to the Natural Gas usage cost.
In both of these examples, we see that added to the already steadily increasing, volatile cost of conventional Electricity and Power, fees, taxes and assessments add, on average, an additional 30-60% to your power and electric costs. Wouldn't you like to save that money, year after year?More info at

Other reasons to go renewable:

Take advantage of Federal tax credits and incentives, available for businesses and homeowners, accelerated depreciation for businesses, and state rebates, for RE energy systems.
Consider that heating your hot water is the second biggest natural gas expense, and you use it every day, all day--all year long. Shouldn't you save money on such a necessary expense?
Don't forget that Renewable Systems, like solar, wind and geo, add value to your property and are exempt from property taxes.
Own your energy at a fixed cost and free yourself from the rising, volatile cost of conventional power and energy, while Renewable systems for businesses and multi unit properties offer positive publicity opportunities while increasing assets and lowering liabilities.
Solar Energy will extend the life of your hot water heater and furnace by reducing their workload, and a geo system will completely eliminate your need for a furnace. In addition, Renewable Systems are long-lasting, cost efficient, quiet, reliable, and require very little if any maintenance.
Set up an on-site consultation with SOLAR SERDAR and start planning your energy future today!

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