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Gulf Environment Forum 2013

Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES) shares to you

Plan your business strategy now for 2013. If your aim is to
  • TAKE the lead in your green business sector...
  • MEET the entire industry under one roof...
  • WIN contracts for public sector mega projects ...
  • DRIVE Saudi Arabia’s change towards sustainable development...
...then the Gulf Environment Forum exhibition taking place in Riyadh on 14 -1 6 April 2013 is the perfect meeting place to help you achieve your goals and reach out to your target audience.

GEF, paving the way for a sustainable future
Launched in 2010, the Gulf Environment Forum was the first event to focus on sustainable development in Saudi Arabia.

After relentlessly raising awareness on sustainability issues over the last three editions, th
e GEF exhibition is now THE annual landmark for the entire industry!

GEF, broadening your business horizon
GEF is the perfect setting where to promote your business as it is:
  • HELD under the initiative of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment, KSA's environmental authority
  • MOVING to Riyadh, guaranteeing even greater networking opportunities with key government bodies
  • ATTENDED by over 2,000 high-profile visitors, eager to discover your solutions and enter partnerships
  • THE IDEAL SETTING to launch new products and demonstrate your CSR commitments
PROVE your commitment to Saudi Arabia's sustainable development: BOOK YOUR STAND TODAY!
We've listened to your requests!

Join us at GEF next April!
Contact :

Marco Colombara
T: +44 203 463 1023
/ +966 5477 32862  

Aurore Colella
T: +44 203 328 9581

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