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London is going for the green

Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)

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London 2012: Going
for the Green

The London games will leave a legacy as the most energy efficient Olympics to date. Learn about how the London 2012 Olympics is cutting down the watts and water to keep the games energy efficient.

With sustainable and recyclable facilities, London is going for the green.    
2012 Olympics

Energy 101 | Biofuels

Energy 101 | Biofuels
Learn the basics of biofuels technology by watching the latest in our Energy 101 video series.

Dr. Richter Meets with President Obama

Q&A with Nobel Laureate Burton Richter
Burton Richter recently received the prestigious Enrico Fermi Award for his work in particle physics. In 1976, he received a Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering a new type of subatomic particle.
Clean Energy in My Community
Clean Energy In My Community
The first in a new video series about local clean energy projects is Luther College and its partnership with the town of Decorah, Iowa.

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