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The Interpellets exhibition 2011



The Interpellets exhibition 2011


The Interpellets exhibition is the central platform for the international pellets and wood-fired heating industry. It provides a comprehensive overview of pellets technology and wood-fired heating with a range of exhibitors spanning all sub-areas. Stove, boiler and storage system manufacturers are represented here as well as fuel producers and distributors, and a diverse range of suppliers. Approximately 150 exhibitors and 6,000 trade visitors are expected to attend Interpellets 2011.

Application form 2011
Application form with detailed exhibiting information for Interpellets 2011.
Review 2009
Have a look at the action from Interpellets 2009!
11th Industry Forum Pellets
In the run up to the Interpellets 2011 exhibition, the 11th Pellets Industry Forum, an international conference, will take place.


Solar Promotion GmbH

Solar Promotion GmbH organizes exhibitions and conferences worldwide for the renewable energy industry. Founded in 2001, Solar Promotion GmbH promotes solar technologies around the world to help further their advancement and implementation into everyday use. Solar Promotion organizes events in the photovoltaic, solar thermal, solar architecture, building efficiency technologies and efficient pellet fuel technology branches. These events include: Intersolar Europe, Intersolar Europe Conference, Intersolar North America, Intersolar India, Intersolar China, Interpellets, Pellets Industry Forum, among others.

At a glance


October 5–7, 2011


New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart

Hall 4


70629 Stuttgart, Germany

Hours of Operation

Open to Trade Visitors

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9:00am – 6:00pm

Thursday, October 6, 2011

9:00am – 6:00pm

Open to the Public

Friday, October 7, 2011

9:00am – 4:00pm


6,000 (expected)


150 (expected)


Solar Promotion GmbH

P.O. Box 100 170
75101 Pforzheim
Tel.: +49 7231 / 58598-0
Fax: +49 7231 / 58598-28

Exhibition branches

Interpellets covers the entire industry of pellets technology and wood-fired heating. It is the only exhibition where the pellets and wood-fired heating industry presents itself in all its diversity with all the different branches of the industry. All relevant providers will be represented, from fuel manufacturers through boiler producers to suppliers.

Pellet Plants
Pellet Fuel
Heating Technology

Exhibition areas at Interpellets 2011

Fuel production
• Raw material processing plants
• Moisture measuring systems
• Driers
• Conveyance systems
• Presses
• Safety systems
• Filling plants
• Silos

Fuel trade and sales
• Manufacturers and distributors
• HGV suppliers
• Logistics companies

Heating technology
• Stoves
• Small scale heating systems
• Large scale heating systems
• Combined heating and power
• Wood-fired heating and solar systems

• Storage systems
• Conveyance systems
• Flue gas systems
• Storage tanks

• Control/control electronics
• Ignition
• Motors/gears
• Connector sockets/tubes
• Storage equipment
• Measuring devices

• Testing Institutes
• Research and Development
• Education and Training
• Financing and Promotion
• Planning companies
• Software
• Trade Publications, Publishers
• Organizations and Associations

International Trade Fair for Wood Pellets Technology

The Interpellets exhibition focus on pellets technology and wood-fired heating systems. The most prominent manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers of the industry are all represented at the show, exhibiting their latest products, services and innovations.

Supporters of Interpellets

DEPV – German Wood Fuel and Pellet Association

The German Wood Fuel and Pellet Association represents the interests of the German wood pellet industry. Its more than 80 members come from the fields of pellet production, pellet distribution, manufacturing of pellet boilers and pellet stoves. Among its members are also companies that offer storage systems for wood pellets, technical equipment etc. In 2008, the German Wood Fuel and Pellet Association founded the German Pellet Institute (DEPI), a platform for customer service, PR and marketing concerning wood pellet heating.,

DGS – German Solar Energy Society

EPC – European Pellet Council

The European Pellet Council (EPC) is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of the European wood pellet sector. Its members are national pellet associations or related organisations from 15 countries. The EPC deals with important issues that need to be managed in the transition from a niche product to a major energy commodity (like standardisation and certification of pellet quality, safety, security of supply, education and training, and the quality of pellet using devices).


• Austria:
proPellets Austria

• Belgium:
Valorisation de la Biomasse asbl (ValBiom)

• Finland:
Suomen Pellettienergiayhdistys ry (SPE)

• France:
propellet France

• France:
Syndicat National des Producteurs de Granulés de Bois (SNPGB)

• Germany:
Deutscher Energieholz- und Pelletverband (DEPV)

• Hungary:
Magyar Pellet Egyesület (HPA)

• Ireland:
Irish Bioenergy Association

• Italy:
Associazione Italiana Energie Agroforestali (AIEL)

• Portugal:
Associação Nacional de Pellets Energéticas de Biomassa (ANEP)

• Spain:
Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de la Biomasa (AVEBIOM)

• Sweden:
Svenska Bioenergiföreningen

• Switzerland:
proPellet Schweiz,

Media Partners

Bioenergy Insight

Bioenergy Insight is distributed to a minimum of 3,000 named individuals drawn from a database of 10,000 companies in the industry. These are primarily utilities biopower, biofuel, pulp and paper and pellet producers, as well as other companies working in the biomass sector, but also include plant constructors, dairy, waste and animals processing facilities, investors and logistics suppliers. Recipients include CEOs, operations directors, business development managers, senior engineers and finance directors. The publication covers issues including biomass pre-treat- ment technologies, anaerobic digestion, biorefineries, gasification technology, dedicated energy crops, biological conversion processes, sustainability, biomass harvesting, storage and transport, pellet production and biogas production outlook.

Bioenergy International

Building the bioenergy market by spreading knowledge' has been the motto for the publisher of Bioenergy International for more than 30 years. Through a worldwide network, information is communicated in paper and internet versions. The main magazine is published in English and is distributed to 64 countries around the globe (Oct 2008). Local editions in French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish languages are available through partners. Bioenergy International Canada & USA has recently launched its office and publication also in English. The Bioenergy International headquarters is located in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Correspondants and partners are spread all over the world, a guarantee for this truly international product. Distributed to subscribers in 64 countries, at all major bioenergy events, to members in bioenergy associations and on the internet. BIOENERGY INTERNATIONAL - WHENEVER BIOENERGY IS DISCUSSED.

BRENNSTOFFSPIEGEL und mineralölrundschau

Canadian Biomass Magazine


Fordaq manages the leading online market for wood professionals. More than 52,000 wood professionals (log producers, sawmills, veneer mills, panel producers, importers and large industrial users) have chosen to become members of the Fordaq network. Many of the largest wood companies in Europe are members of FORDAQ.

These companies have access via our website to the following services:

  1. The Marketplace: Over 8.000 postings online 24/7
  2. The Directory: online directory of all companies
  3. The Postman: daily email news and postings
  4. Market Info: daily news


Our magazine Edificial Energy Consultant is the speaking tube for all Energy Consultants in the German speaken area. The magazine covers all subjects of Energy Consulting consequently, independent and widespreaded. Due to field reports, opinions, standards, technical expertise, and recommendations from energy consultants, the reader gets important impulses. The Edificial Energy Consultant covers therewith consistently and widely all relevant fields of the energy consulting activity. In addition to the printed magazine there is
a Newsletter which comes out twice a month.



„IKZ-ENERGY“ is the magazine devoted to renewable energy and fuel efficiency in buildings. Appearing eight times a year, it provides information on all aspects of the supply and consumption of regenerative and pioneer energies. „IKZ-ENERGY“ is a comprehensive source of theoretical and practical knowledge for solar and heating equipment fitters, electricians, roofers, façade builders, planners and energy consultants.


‘Holz-Zentralblatt’ is Germany’s leading trade journal for entrepreneurs and executives in the forestry and woodworking industries, and is read in over 60 countries. Its articles cover the entire spectrum of market development, and weekly publishing guarantees that its reporting is always up to the minute. Contributions relating to technical innovations, to legal questions or which come from science and research offer additional information. Regular themed issues and special editions focus on the most important trade shows and events, discuss international markets and are dedicated to special subject areas.

pellets - Markt und Trends

‘Pellets – Markt und Trends’ is Germany's first specialist magazine dedicated exclusively to pellets and has been a success since its introduction five years ago. Issued six times a year, the magazine reports on the latest market developments, provides background information and market overviews of the industry’s products and companies, conducts interviews with market players and publishes reports offering an insight into interesting projects. An annual special edition provides a practical, expert summary of basic information about the market, technology, fuel and applications.



SBZ Sanitär.Heizung.Klima

The SBZ is a magazine being published in the 14-day rhythm which reports about the event in the HVAC and plumbing industry as well as about the technical and marketing developments currently. An official media partner of the central association is sanitarily heating climate the SBZ of HVAC trade associations. The magazine is mainly read of discriminators in skilled crafts and great trading concerns but also with associations in the industry and of sales representatives.

Si Informationen


SUN & WIND ENERGY is the international magazine for professionals worldwide in the field of renewable energies. The magazine appears monthly from 2009 onwards and provides valuable information on the international renewable energy market and to maximize sales prospects. SUN & WIND ENERGY presents international news, market developments, worldwide market overviews, company profiles, product information, interviews, job opportunities and a comprehensive company directory.

TGA Fachplaner

TGA Fachplaner - the magazine for technical building equipment – is aimed at decision-makers, engineers and technicians involved with planning, consulting, project and facility management in the building services industry. Our editorial staff also runs a planning office. Knowing the business from our own experience enables us to provide a practice oriented editorial content with reports on all planning relevant topics and project sizes.

zek-Zukunftsenergie + Kommunaltechnik

Published 6 times a year with a total circulation of 12.000, nationwide in Austria, Switzerland and the German states Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.
TOPIC FOCUS: Hydropower, bioenergy, municipal technology, system engineering and environmental issues.
READERSHIP: Municipal decision makers, heads of municipal departments, governmental authorities, trade and industry associations, technical consultants, energy providers, industry-specific businesses, operators of power stations.

More info about RES & EE on:


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